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Early Days:

   De Hooch was born in Rotterdam to Hendrick Hendricksz de Hooch, a bricklayer, and Annetge Pieters, a midwife. Though de Hooch's exact birthdate is unknown, his baptism was recorded on December 29, 1629. He was the eldest of five children and outlived all of his siblings. He studied art in Haarlem under the landscape painter, Nicolaes Berchem. Beginning in 1650, he worked as a painter and servant for a linen-merchant and art collector named Justus de la Grange. His service for the merchant required him to accompany him on his travels to the Hague, Leiden, and Delft, to which he eventually moved. It is likely that de Hooch handed over most of his works to la Grange during this period in exchange for board and other benefits, as this was a common commercial arrangement for painters at the time, and a later proof recorded that la Grange possessed eleven of his paintings.

Pieter de Hooch


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Pieter de Hooch

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December 29, 1629

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genre painter


Arrière-cour d'une maison hollandaise - 1650-1675, A Boy Handing a Woman a Basket in a Doorway - c.1660-63 (canvas)


   Works Of Pieter de Hooch:

Work done by Pieter de Hooch

Work done by Pieter de Hooch