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Early Days:

   Pinchus Kremegne was a native of Zhaludak near Lida, and was a friend of both Chaim Soutine and Michel Kikoine. He studied sculpture at the Vilnius School of Drawing. He became a target of the pogroms because he was a Jew and fled to Paris in 1912. In Paris, Kremegne joined the group of painters of Montparnasse and soon became one of the respected residents of La Ruche. In 1915, he gave up sculpture in order to dedicate himself to painting. It was he who encouraged Soutine to come to Paris. He left Paris to live in a small town in the Pyrenees called Ceret. This village, which is a little inland from Collioure, attracted other painters such as Soutine. Although Soutine did not like the town very much, he completed many paintings there over a couple of years. He never settled but his compatriot Kremegne had a house built there around 1960. This small unassuming house, a reflection of the man himself, was nestled into the mountain and overlooked the village.


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Pinchus Kremegne

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sculptor, painter and lithographer


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