Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn


Personal Details


Richard Diebenkorn

Place of Birth

Portland, Oregon

Date of Birth

April 22, 1922

Date of Death

March 30, 1993 (aged 70)


Bay Area Figurative Movement, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting, Lyrical Abstraction





Influenced by

Edward Hopper, Willem de Kooning, Clifford Still, Arshile Gorky, Henri Matisse



He lived in Berkeley, California from 1955 to 1966. By the mid-1950s Diebenkorn had become an important figurative painter, in a style that bridged Henri Matisse with abstract expressionism. Diebenkorn, Elmer Bischoff, Henry Villierme, David Park, James Weeks, and others participated in a renaissance of figurative painting, dubbed the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

In the fall 1964 through the spring 1965 Diebenkorn traveled through Europe and he was granted a cultural visa to visit and view Henri Matisse paintings in important Soviet museums. When he returned to painting in the Bay Area in mid-1965 his resulting works summed up all that he had learned from his more than a decade as a leading figurative painter.

Works Of Richard Diebenkorn:

Work done by Richard Diebenkorn Work done by Richard Diebenkorn