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Richard Estes

Richard Estes


Personal Details


Richard Estes

Place of Birth

Kewanee, Illinois

Date of Birth

May 14, 1932 (age 77)




Art Institute of Chicago


   Most of Richard's paintings from the early 1960s are of city dwellers engaged in everyday activities. Beginning around 1967, Richard began to paint storefronts and buildings with glass windows, and more importantly, the reflected images shown on these windows. The paintings were based on color photographs he would take, which trapped the evanescent nature of the reflections, which would change in part with the lighting and the time of day. While some amount of alteration was done for the sake of aesthetic composition, it was important to Richard that the central and the main reflected objects be recognizable, but also that the evanescent quality of the reflections be retained. Richard had his first of many one-man shows in 1968, at the Allan Stone Gallery.

   Works Of Richard Estes:

Work done by Richard Estes

Work done by Richard Estes