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James Richmond Barthe

James Richmond Barthe


Personal Details


James Richmond Barthe

Date of Birth

January 28, 1901

Date of Death

March 5, 1989 (aged 88)






   During his senior year he was introduced to sculpture by his anatomy teacher. He began modeling in clay to gain a better understanding of the third dimension in his painting. This transition proved to be, according to him, a turning point in his career. He exhibited two busts in the 1927 Negro in Art Week Exhibition and in the April 1928 annual exhibition of the Chicago Art League.

   Following his graduation from The Art Institute of Chicago in 1928, Barthe spent several months in New York, established a studio in Harlem, and eventually moved to NYC permanently in 1930. During the next two decades, he built his reputation as a sculptor. He is associated with the Harlem Renaissance.

   Works Of James Richmond Barthe:

Work done by James Richmond Barthe

Work done by James Richmond Barthe