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Early Days:

   Roar Kjernstad (1975, Norway) is a painter who specializes in traditional figurative work. He trained at the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, focusing at the latter on study of the Old Masters.

Roar Kjernstad


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Roar Kjernstad

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Painter, Artist


   In his view, painters and artists in general should be craftsmen. He is a part of the traditional figurative school of painting, which is related to the kitsch movement of Odd Nerdrum and the retrogard movement. But unlike Nerdrum and according to the retrogrades, Kjernstad still believes that traditional and figurative artists should claim the term "art" rather than use the name "kitsch" for their work.

   Works Of Roar Kjernstad:

Work done by Roar Kjernstad

Work done by Roar Kjernstad

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