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Early Days:

    Bonheur was born in Bordeaux, Gironde, and the eldest child in a family of artists. Her father Raimond Bonheur was a landscape and portrait painter and an early adherent of Saint-Simonianism, a Christian-socialist sect that promoted the education of women alongside men. The Saint-Simonies also prophesied the coming of a female messiah. Her mother Sophie (née Marquis) who died when Rosa Bonheur was only eleven had been a piano teacher. Bonheur's younger siblings included the animal painters Auguste Bonheur and Juliette Bonheur and the animal sculptor Isidore Jules Bonheur. That the Bonheur family was renowned as a family of artists is attested to by the fact that Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin used the Bonheurs as an example of "Hereditary Genius" in his 1869 essay of the same title.

Rosa Bonheur


Personal Details


Rosa Bonheur

Place of Birth

Bordeaux, France

Date of Birth

16 March 1822

Date of Death

25 May 1899 (aged 77)




Painting, Sculpture


Ploughing in the Nivernais, The Horse Fair


   Works Of Rosa Bonheur:

Work done by Rosa Bonheur

Work done by Rosa Bonheur