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Early Days:

   Samuel Prout was born at Plymouth, and spent whole summer days, in company with Benjamin Haydon, drawing the quiet cottages, rustic bridges and romantic watermills of the beautiful valleys of Devon. He made a journey through Cornwall to try his hand in furnishing sketches for John Britton's Beauties of England. In 1803 he moved to London, where he stayed until 1812. In London, Prout saw new possibilities, and endeavored to correct and improve his style by studying the works of the rising school of landscape. To earn a living, he painted marine pieces for Palser the print seller, took students, and published drawing books for learners. He was one of the first to use lithography in his artwork.

Samuel Prout


Personal Details


Samuel Prout

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

September 17, 1783

Date of Death

February 10, 1852




Watercolor Painter


   Works Of Stanton MacDonald-Wright:

Work done by Samuel Prout

Work dne by Samuel Prout