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Early Days:

    Simon Fyodorovich Ushakov was a leading Russian graphic artist of the late 17th-century. Together with Fyodor Zubov and Fyodor Rozhnov, he is associated with the comprehensive reform of the Russian Orthodox Church undertaken by Patriarch Nikon.

Simon Fyodorovich Ushakov


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Simon Fyodorovich Ushakov

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graphic artist


   At 22 he became a paid artist of the Silver Chamber, affiliated with the Armory Prikaz. The bright, fresh colors and exquisite, curving lines of his proto-baroque icons caught the eye of Patriarch Nikon, who introduced Simon to the tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. He became a great favourite with the royal family and was eventually (1664) assigned to the Kremlin Armory, run by an educated boyar Bogdan Khitrovo.

   Works Of Simon Fyodorovich Ushakov:

Work done by Simon Fyodorovich Ushakov

Work done by Simon Fyodorovich Ushakov