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Early Days:

   Stanislaw Wyspiański was born to Franciszek Wyspiański and Maria Rogowska. His father, a sculptor, owned an atelier on Wawel Hill. His mother died of tuberculosis in 1876 when Stanislaw was seven years old. Due to alcohol problem, Stanislaw’s father could not fulfill his parental responsibilities. Stanislaw was adopted by his aunt Joanna Stankiewicz and her husband Kazimierz. The Stankiewicz family belonged to a bourgeois and intellectual class. In their house Wyspiański became acquainted with painter Jan Matejko, who was a frequent visitor.

Stanislaw Wyspianski


Personal Details


Stanislaw Wyspianski

Place of Birth

Krakow, Poland

Date of Birth

January 15, 1869

Date of Death

November 28, 1907






School of Fine Arts in Krakow


   Works Of Suzanne Valadon:

Work done by Stanislaw Wyspianski

Work done by Stanislaw Wyspianski