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Early Days:

   Gilbert was born in Wormit, in the north-east of Fife, Scotland, of English parents. His father was a commander in the Royal Navy; his grandfather, Sir Alfred Gilbert was the Art Nouveau sculptor of The Angel of Christian Charity in Piccadilly Circus.

   He studied architecture at the Slade School of Art in London from 1929 to 1932, where he befriended fellow student Roger Hilton. Gilbert won the Slade Scholarship at the end of his first year, and the principal Sir Henry Tonks encouraged him to start painting from 1930. He also met sculptor Jocelyn Chewett at the Slade, and they were married in 1935.

Stephen Gilbert


Personal Details


Stephen Gilbert

Place of Birth

Wormit, Scotland

Date of Birth

15 January 1910

Date of Death

12 January 2007


British Painter




   Works Of Stephen Gilbert:

Work done by Stephen Gilbert

Work done by Stephen Gilbert