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Early Days:
   Stuart Davis was born in Philadelphia to Edward Wyatt Davis and Helen Stuart Davis. His parents both worked in the arts. His father was the art editor of the Philadelphia Press while his mother was a sculptor. Davis studied painting, and art under Robert Henri, the leader of the early modern art group the Eight; he was one of the youngest painters to exhibit in the controversial Armory Show of 1913.

Stuart Davis


Personal Details


Stuart Davis

Place of birth


Date of Birth

December 7, 1892

Date of Death

June 24, 1964 (aged 71)




Painting, Modernism


American modernism


   He was represented by Edith Gregor Halpert at the Downtown Gallery in New York City. He is probably most famous for his Hard-edge paintings, his abstract still life’s and landscapes; his use of contemporary subject matter such as cigarette packages, spark plug advertisements and the contemporary American landscape make him a proto-Pop artist. An alcoholic, Davis died of a stroke in New York on June 24, 1964, aged 71.

   Works Of Stuart Davis:

Work done by Stuart Davis

Work done by Stuart Davis