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Early Days:

   Theo van Doesburg was born as Christian Emil Marie Kupper on 30th August 1883 in Utrecht as son of the photographer Wilhelm Kupper and Henrietta Catherina Margadant. After a short training in acting and singing he decided to become a painter. He always regarded his stepfather, Theodorus Doesburg, to be his natural father, so that his first works are signed with Theo Doesburg, to which he later added the insertion "van". His first exhibition was in 1908. He supported his works by copying paintings from the Rijksmuseum and, from 1912 onwards, writing for magazines.

Theo van Doesburg


Personal Details


Theo van Doesburg

Place of birth

Utrecht, Netherlands

Date of Birth

30 August 1883

Date of Death

7 April 1931 (aged 47)




painting, architecture, poetry


Neo-Plasticism, Elementarism, Concrete art, Dadaism


   Although he considered himself to be a modern painter at that time, his early work is in line with the Amsterdam Impressionists and is influenced by Vincent van Gogh, both in style and subject matter. This suddenly changed in 1913 after reading Wassily Kandinsky's Ruckblicke, in which he looks back at his life as a painter from 1903-1913.

   Works Of Theo van Doesburg:

Work done by Theo van Doesburg

Work done by Theo Van Doesburg