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Early Days:

Ugo Nespolo born at Mosso Santa Maria near Biella on August 29, 1941, studied under Enrico Paolucci at the Academia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin from where he emerged with a degree in Modern Literature having produced a graduate thesis on Semi logy.

Ugo Nespolo


Personal Details


Ugo Nespolo

Place of birth

Mosso Santa Maria near Biella

Date of Birth

August 29, 1941


Artist, Painter


   His career as an artist dates back to the Sixties, the era of Italian Pop Art and the cradle of its future conceptual and Arte Povera movements. In the seventies, Nespolo also took over a new medium: the cinema, particularly of the experimental, artistic variety. The actors in these films were fellow artists from Lucio Fontana to Enrico Baj and Michelangelo Pistoletto. Nespolo's films have been the subject of exhibitions at prestigious institutions like the Beau Bourg in Paris, the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw's Filmoteka Polska and Ferrara's Galleria Civica d’Art Moderna.

   Works Of Ugo Nespolo:

work done by Ugo Nespolo

work done by Ugo Nespolo

work done by Ugo Nespolo