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Early days:

      Washington Allston (November 5, 1779 July 9, 1843) was an American poet and a prominent painter, born in Waccamaw Parish, South Carolina. Allston pioneered America's Romantic movement of landscape painting. He was well known during his lifetime for his experiments with dramatic subject matter and his bold use of light and atmospheric color.

Washington Allston


Personal Details


Washington Allston

Place of birth

Waccamaw Parish, South Carolina

Date of Birth

November 5, 1779

Date of Death

July 9, 1843


Polish Painter


Painter, Poet

Popular Paintings

Coast Scene on the Mediterranean, Moonlit Landscape, Storm Rising at Sea


The Sylphs of the Seasons, with Other Poems like Monald


Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina


Allston was also a published writer. In London in 1813, he published The Sylphs of the Seasons, with Other Poems, republished in Boston, Massachusetts later that year. His wife died in February 1815, leaving him saddened, lonely, and homesick for America.

In 1818 he returned to the United States and lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts for 25 years. He was the uncle of the artists George Whiting Flagg and Jared Bradley Flagg, both of whom studied painting under him.
In 1841 he published Monaldi, a romance illustrating Italian life, and in 1850, a volume of his Lectures on Art, and Poems.

These shows, which displayed orange, yellow, red, pink and blue monochromes, intensely disappointed Klein, as people went from painting to painting, connecting them collectively as a sort of mosaic.

Works Of Washington Allston

  Washington Allston Painting

 Washington Allston Shrew

 Washington Allston Irving s short