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Early days:

        Thiebaud was born to Mormon parents in Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A. His family moved to Long Beach, California when he was six months old. One summer during his high school years he apprenticed at the Walt Disney Studio. The next summer he studied at a Los Angeles trade school. He earned a degree from Sacramento State College in 1941. From 1938 to 1949, he worked as a cartoonist and designer in California and New York. He served as an artist in the United States Army Air Force from 1942–45.


Personal Details


Wayne Thiebaud

Place of birth

Mesa, Arizona

Date of Birth

November 15, 1920 (age 88)




Painting, Printmaking


Sacramento State College, Sacramento State


Pop Art, New Realism, Bay Area Figurative Movement


Thiebaud is best known for his paintings of production line objects found in diners and cafeterias, such as pies and pastries. Many wonder if he spent time working in the food industry, and in fact he did. As a young man in Long Beach, he worked at a cafe named Mile High and Red Hot, where "Mile High" was ice cream and "Red Hot" was a hot dog.

He was associated with the Pop art painters because of his interest in objects of mass culture, however, his works, executed during the fifties and sixties slightly predate the works of the classic pop artists, suggesting that Thiebaud may have had an influence on the movement.

Works Of Wayne Thiebaud: