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Willem Drost

Willem Drost


Personal Details


Willem Drost

Place of birth

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth

Apr 19, 1633

Date of Death

Feb 25, 1659


Painter, Printmaker


 Dutch Baroque


Frick Museum


Portrait of a Young Woman with her Hands Folded on a Book, The Polish Rider


   Willem Drost's recognized lifetime output of artwork is very small, while Rembrandt is credited with more than 2,000 paintings and etchings, the majority of which are not signed. In recent years, some paintings attributed to Rembrandt have had their authenticity come under question. The importance of these Rembrandt works is such that the Foundation Rembrandt Research Project was established in Amsterdam to review the attribution of all of his works. Scholars have now reattributed a number of Rembrandt's paintings to his pupils and associates.

   Works Of Willem Drost:

 Drost oil Painting


 Drost 1630