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Early Days:

     William Dobson (March 4, 1610 – October 28, 1646) was a portraitist and one of the first notable English painters, praised by his contemporary John Aubrey as "the most excellent painter that England has yet bred".
Dobson was born in London the son of a decorative artist, and was apprenticed to William Peake and probably later joined the studio of Francis Cleyn. He is believed to have had access to the Royal Collection and to have copied works by Titian and Anthony Van Dyck, King Charles I chief painter. The colour and texture of Dobson's work was influenced by Venetian art, but Van Dyck's style has little apparent influence on Dobson. Van Dyck himself discovered Dobson when he noticed one of the young artist's pictures in a London shop window. He introduced Dobson to the King, who had Dobson paint himself, his sons and members of the court.

William Dobson


Personal Details


William Dobson

Place of birth


Date of Birth

March 4, 1610

Date of Death

October 28, 1646




National Portrait Gallery, Dunedin Public Art Gallery


The Painter with Sir Charles Cottrell and Sir Balthasar Gerbier, Charles II when Prince of Wales


Works Of William Dobson

 William Dobson 1642

 William Dobson-Endimeon

 William Dobson Painting