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Early Days:

   William Etty (York 10 March 1787 – 13 November 1849) was an English painter, best known for his paintings of nudes.
In accordance with the wishes of his father, Etty served seven years of apprenticeship to a printer in Hull. He was, however, enabled to pursue his studies in painting through the generosity of his uncle, William Etty, who in 1806 invited him to London In 1807 he entered the Royal Academy School studying under Henry Fuseli, and he also studied privately for a year under Sir Thomas Lawrence, whose influence for some time dominated his art.

William Etty


Personal Details


William Etty

Place of birth


Date of Birth

10 March 1787

Date of Death

13 November 1849




Metropolitan Museum


Female Nude In a Landscape,
Candaules, King of Lydia, Shews his Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, As She Goes to Bed.


Works Of William Etty:

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