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Early Days

   William Michael Harnett (August 10, 1848 – October 29, 1892) was an Irish-American painter who practiced a tromp l'oeil (literally, "fool the eye") style of realistic painting. His still lives of ordinary objects arranged on a ledge or hanging from a nail are painted in such a way that the painting can be mistaken for the objects themselves.
Harnett was born in Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland during the time of the potato famine. Shortly after his birth his family immigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia.

William Michael Harnett


Personal Details


William Michael Harnett

Place of birth

Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland

Date of Birth

August 10, 1848

Date of Death

October 29, 1892





Popular Paintings

A study table, Still life violin and music, Der treue Colt


Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Amon Carter Museum


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