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Early Days:

   Orchardson was born in Edinburgh, where his father was engaged in business. "Orchardson" is a variation of "Urquhartson," the name of a Highland sept settled on Loch Ness, from which the painter is descended.

Sir William Quiller Orchardson


Personal Details


Sir William Quiller Orchardson

Place of birth

Edinburgh, Scotland

Date of Birth

27 March1832

Date of Death

13 April1910




Portraitist, Painter


   By the time he was twenty, Orchard son had mastered the essentials of his art, and had produced at least one picture which might be accepted as representative, a portrait of sculptor John Hutchison. For the seven subsequent years he worked in Edinburgh, some of his attention being given to a "black and white" style, his practice in which having been partly acquired at a sketch club, which, in addition to Hutchison, included among its members Hugh Cameron, Peter Graham, George Hay and William McTaggart.

Works Of William Quiller Orchardson:

William Quiller Orchardson

Work by William Quiller Orchardson

Work by William Quiller Orchardson