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Early Days:

   William Thon was born in New York City in 1906. He spent his early day’s summers camping on Staten Island. He joined the Navy all through WWII, and shortly after the war won the Prix de Rome, a companionship to the American Academy in Rome. He later on became a trustee of the Academy. In 1951, Thon acknowledged a grant from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He trained painting at Ohio University, and he painted aspects of the Apollo Space Program for the NASA Fine Arts Program.

William Thon


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William Thon

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New York City

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On the Gianacolo


   William Thon led a life so absolutely at one and at silence with his artistic mission that we have to understand him as a philosopher as well as a visual poet. His commitment with a world of wind and water and changing seasons became a search for the very essence of nature's vital force.

   Fundamentally self-taught as an artist, Thon mastered the complicated visual language of contemporary art and then went on to generate a distinctly personal and intensely expressive style all his own. Thon's 60-year vocation as a painter led him to some astonishing discoveries, culminating in the imaginative works of his old age.

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