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Early Days:

   Zorach Gorfinkel Born on 1889, in Jurbarkas (Russian: Eurburg) in Lithuania as the eighth of ten children, Zorach (then his given name) emigrated with his family to the United States in 1894. They settled in Cleveland, Ohio under the name "Finkelstein". In school, his first name was changed to "William" by a teacher.

William Zorach


Personal Details


William Zorach         

Place of birth

Jurbarkas, Russia

Date of Birth

February 28, 1887

Date of Death

November 15, 1966


Sculptor, Painter, Printmaker, and Writer


   He married Marguerite Thompson (1887-1968) in 1911. The couple adopted his original given name, Zorach, as a common surname. In 1964 Zorach received a D.F.A. from Bates College.

   He taught at the Art Students League of New York between 1929 and 1960. His daughter, Dahlov Ipcar, is an artist also. She currently resides in Maine.

   Works Of William Zorach:

by William Zorach

by William Zorach

by William Zorach